Map of London Attractions

FREE entry to over 55 London attractions!

The following map is an embedded tour of London provided by Panoramic Earth.
  • This London map shows over 100 beautiful 360° panoramas from London, giving an oversight of many of the major places of interest, parks and historic buildings.
  • Each pin on the map indicates the location of a sight or attraction in London. As you move your mouse over the pin the name of the location will appear. Click on the pin to go to that location and bring up the panorama.
  • Control the panorama by moving your mouse over the image. The nearer you are to the edge of the picture, the faster the image moves.
  • Get information about each location by clicking on the Description button above the panorama. To return to the London Map view, simply click on the Image and Map button.
  • Other map views are available by using the option buttons on the map itself. This being a Google map of London, you can zoom in, and toggle between a street map or satellite view. There are many locations on this map and zooming in will help separate the markers on the map.
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London Map provided by Panoramic Earth - all rights reserved.