London Travel Advice Article

London is the capital of England, and the largest city in the U.K. In fact, London is the largest city in Europe, and while this means that there is a wealth of opportunities for the tourist in London, there are a few logistical issues to be mindful of when booking your holiday.

The sheer size of London, which occupies over 620 square miles, means that you need to pay particular attention to the location of your prospective accommodation. While the transport network is well developed - with buses, underground trains and taxis providing versatile solutions for getting around it can take a significant amount of time to travel any kind of distance across the city. If you are interested in seeing the major tourist attractions in the City of London, make sure that your accommodation is fairly central if you want to avoid spending a large part of your sightseeing day looking at the inside of a vehicle.

London is a relatively safe city in global terms, but like all big urban areas you need to make sure that you take reasonable precautions to stay safe and protect your property. Make sure that your travel insurance protects any valuable items that you might want to bring out with you, such as cameras and binoculars, when you are actually at large in the city. Some of the cheaper travel insurance deals stipulate that 'due care and attention' when it comes to valuables means locking up such items in a hotel safe not really that useful on a sightseeing holiday. Look for a package from a reputable provider of travel insurance and you should encounter no problems, should mishap occur and your valuables are damaged, lost or stolen.

The underground, or tube network covers the majority of London, but a little research can be required for those new to the city when navigating between places of interest. Those planning on sampling some of the legendary nightlife of the city should be aware that the taxis required to get around at night can be expensive, especially if crossing the River Thames and heading back to accommodation 'south of the river'. There are buses that run late into the night, but like the tube network, research into routes back to your hotel is probably best undertaken prior to the evening out.

Finding alternative accommodation in London, if you miss out on a pre-booked room due to transport delays, can be expensive. This is another thing that it is probably wise to have covered by your travel insurance policy, so make sure that you cast your eye over the cancellation provisions before buying a travel insurance package.